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Customer Story

Complete not-for-profit business transformation for the Executive team from disparate systems to a streamlined, automated system.

Company Profile

Project Canoe provides youth with the opportunity to experience a canoe trip in northern Ontario in the summer, and recreational programs in Toronto throughout the year.  They focus on youth that would otherwise be unable to participate due to barriers they face in their lives.  These barriers may be social, emotional, behavioural, learning or economic barriers.  Project Canoe was founded by Dr. Herb Batt in 1977 and has served over 4000 youth over the years.

The Challenge

As an existing user of the Salesforce.com Non-Profit Success Pack, Project Canoe had been using the platform for a number of years, but the system wasn’t customized specifically to their business.  As a result, the Executive Director has been using Excel and other disparate systems to manage the variety of different types of sources of donations, the financial reporting and event management.

The Solution

App Solve took the customer’s goals and worked backwards.  Starting with the reporting that the customer wanted to see at the end of the day and reverse engineering the system to achieve those goals, and in combination with extensive reviews of their current data, App Solve began customization of the system in order to meet these reporting and data requirements.  App Solve integrated the customer’s current data and processes and created the system to specifically meet those needs.



The Results

Now that Project Canoe can manage their donations and events in Salesforce.com it has been a game-changer in productivity for the Executive Director.  The next steps are to fully integrate Lead capture so that volunteers with Project Canoe can take information of attendees with tablets, to turn those attendees into donors.  Not only that, but also enable the entire board and fund-raising committee with Salesforce licenses so that they can fast-track their fund-raising and track interactions with their own individual relationships to take donations to the next level and dramatically increase the amount of students taking part in yearly canoe trips.

“They were excellent. The team there is Transparent, Smart, Patient, Talented and Dedicated. They made the process of starting a CRM painless and attainable.”

Tim Richardson
Executive Director
Project Canoe

Solutions Utilized:

Sales Cloud

Over time, your business changes, and App Solve enables you to continue your hockey stick growth by consulting on your current Salesforce.com system and potentially ‘Re-Optimizing’ your Salesforce platform.

Custom Solutions

Whether we’re building custom applications in Salesforce like in Chatter, building API integrations from scratch or custom 3rd party application integrations – we bring technology to the business to ensure all company objectives are exceeded.