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How can Salesforce help you? (The Account Executive)

Are you an Account Executive? You know of Salesforce but aren’t sure about it can help you specifically? Read on as we tell you exactly how Salesforce will add value to your every day work life.

4 Commandments of Startup Sales Success

Companies live and die by sales. Obviously. But for startups, sales is a different kind of beast. For startups, just one sale can mean the difference between surviving the week and surviving the year. But with extremely limited resources, no name recognition, and a...

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What is Salesforce Sales Cloud and How Can It Help Me?

On this blog, we’ve discussed the ins-and-outs of Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Salesforce Community Cloud. Today we’re delving into the biggest Cloud of all: Salesforce Sales Cloud. What Exactly is Salesforce Sales Cloud? Salesforce Sales Cloud is the world’s...

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10 Ways That Salespeople Can Boost Email Open Rates

Do you know how many sales emails actually get opened? Less than 24 per cent. In 2017, when more salespeople are using email for prospecting than ever before, email open rates represent a hugely important data point. Not many prospects opening your email = not many...

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Is My Data Safe? A Look at Salesforce Security

When a company adopts Salesforce as its CRM of choice, they’re putting a whole lot of trust in Salesforce. A CRM hosts all kinds of important data that needs to be kept confidential and secure — financials, contact information, contracts, campaign data, and so on....

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The Best New Salesforce Apps in 2017

One of the greatest things about Salesforce: the AppExchange. This Salesforce-only marketplace contains hundreds and hundreds of apps that integrate with Salesforce and are designed to improve the productivity, efficiency and quality of your team’s efforts. Plus, the...

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Understand Enhancing Quoting Efficiency Using CPQ with Kyle Jamieson

Our Director of Sales, Kyle Jamieson, explains how customer quoting efficiency can be enhance using CPQ, as it pertains to product bundling, discounting and approval routing.

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