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Salesforce.com Training

App Solve has trained over 125 customers in the last 2.5+ years to excel on the platform to meet or exceed the performance that Salesforce promises:

  • 26% win rate increase
  • 31% increase in lead conversion rates
  • 37% increase in forecast accuracy

All leading to an overall increase in our customers revenue of over 29%

Train your users

App Solve includes training in every implementation project that we do, to ensure that our customers achieve the best possible ROI on their Salesforce platform.  We also provide training as stand-alone projects – do you already have Salesforce but never got the proper training?  Does marketing use Pardot but your sales department doesn’t know how to get the benefits of Engage?  Let App Solve train your users to accelerate theirs and your company’s performance, from marketing, to business development, all the way through to accounting.

Net-New System Training

Just bought a Salesforce product and haven’t had help getting the team up to speed? Let us get the team using the system effectively and showing results immediately!

Refresher Training

Had a Salesforce product for a number of years, new employees or changes to your business? App Solve will re-train the team and ensure they’re acclimated to the tools they need make the impact you need!

Salesforce Exam Training

Let App Solve help your team prepare Salesforce.com’s multiple certification paths.

Case Studies

Find out how App Solve has helped companies implement Salesforce Solutions

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