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Customer Story

Custom inventory management solution, alongside a re-optimization of their current Salesforce platform

Company Profile

Silent Circle is a global private communications service headquartered in Washington D.C. providing a revolutionary device to device platform enabling private and secure communications via voice, video, text and file transfer on mobile devices. Silent Circle was co-founded by Mike Janke, former Navy SEAL and security specialist; Phil Zimmermann, the world famous creator of Internet encryption for voice and data and 2012 inductee into the Internet Hall of Fame; and Jon Callas, creator of Apple’s whole disk encryption and co-Founder of PGP Corporation.

The Challenge

Silent Circle’s rapid growth, hindered its ability to properly manage inventory and even with a Salesforce Enterprise platform, Silent Circle felt that they were still spending too much time on manual processes.  They were using Salesforce to manage leads and opportunities, but quoting, like inventory management was done manually. They came to us because they had gotten to a point where they were losing business to double-booking and operational tasks and double entry was eating up too much valuable time. To add to their struggles, Silent Circle also suffered from information silos as their products and pricebook entries were kept on two different platforms – further reducing employee productivity.

The Solution

App Solve created a custom inventory management solution, alongside a re-optimization of their current Salesforce platform- that allowed them to attach products, using the pricebook, by location, to opportunities. Using DataLoader.IO, App Solve was able to do a technical migration and clean up – unifying data under one central, cloud-based, Salesforce platform.  Inventory had two statuses: Shipped and Recognized. Quotes could be issued and inventory items could be reserved many times over, but changing the status of an opportunity to “Won” reserved the inventory items on the associated quote and flagged all other pending opportunities with inventory conflicts so they could be adjusted using available inventory. Our logic made it impossible for a “Won” opportunity to contain items that also had a status of “Recognized”. Dashboards were created to show what percentage of inventory was Shipped and Recognized for any given time period.

Additionally, the quoting process was moved inside Salesforce and fully integrated with products and individual product line items.   This took a half hour out of each quote and seamlessly wove it into the opportunity and inventory management process.

The Results

Partnering with App Solve enabled Silent Circle to free up time and made it impossible to double book inventory.  Additionally, their optimized Salesforce platform could provide superior analytical insights as they can now segment between “Recognized” and “Shipped”.

Solutions Utilized:

Sales Cloud

Over time, your business changes, and App Solve enables you to continue your hockey stick growth by consulting on your current Salesforce.com system and potentially ‘Re-Optimizing’ your Salesforce platform.